Your guides at Leadership Dialogue are Tobias Stöcker and Irene Middelkoop. 

With a track-record in organisational change and sustainable development, Tobias is a people oriented change maker. He is specialised in behaviour development of groups and individuals. Functioning as advisor, trainer or coach, he can provide support in almost any organisational context.


Irene is a creative mind with deep intuitive abilities to determine how interpersonal relationships work and what is needed to improve them. She has extensive experience in coaching creative professionals in particular and knows how to help you finding the essence of your message.




Are you an HR professional?

For HR and L&D professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants: the Leadership Dialogue Guide can be customized to fit into your own leadership development programme. It is a suitable intervention to follow-up on workshops and trainings that concern leadership development, managerial skills or communication skills.