Online Leadership Dialogue Guide

Our service is pragmatic, accessible and cost efficient. Nonetheless, we personalize your dialogue guide and our experienced guides take a close look at your inventory.

  • Fee per conversation = € 75,- excl. VAT
  • For each 4 conversations you will receive a voucher for one new dialogue. You can either use that yourself or pass on to someone else.

By submitting both inventories you agree to above fee and our terms and conditions. We will submit an invoice as soon as the manager inventory is received and send it to the manager in the conversation.

If you have a voucher, you can submit its code with the manager inventory. Codes need to be submitted before the invoice is received.

We are a small organisation and need to depend on timely payments. Please observe our 14 days payment period.

Individual dialogue guidance

If you chose individual dialogue guidance costs are depending on your choice. We calculate an hourly rate of € 125,- excl VAT.

A remote video conversation to prepare a dialogue typically lasts 45-60 minutes.

Dialogue observation includes a personal intake and feedback conversation, possibly recording and travel time. Depending on your location we normally count a full working day (8 hours). Please note we are located in the center of the Netherlands and offer no one-day services abroad at the moment.

Facilitating a group dialogue session is a tailor made assignment and includes at least an intake conversation, preparation and facilitation of the session as well as a reflection meeting. We are at least 1,5 days working for you.

Are you an L&D professional?
For HR and L&D professionals, coaches, trainers and consultants: the Leadership Dialogue Guide can be customized to fit into your own leadership development programme. It is a suitable intervention to follow-up on workshops and trainings that concern leadership development, managerial skills or communication skills.
Or maybe you want to offer a pragmatic tool to the large group of managers and team leaders that are not eligible for formal development programmes. Would it not be great to help them develop their skills as well through this economically feasible intervention.
We can provide all services in English, Dutch or German.