Sometimes, it is not enough to get a guide in your inbox. Sometimes, you want personal guidance with regard to your professional relationships and how you act within them. No problem at all, we are here to help.

Tactical guidance

Our experts can assist by remote video conversations or even meet with you personally. We can discuss tactics around the topic of holding dialogues about leadership with your people. How to introduce the idea? How to approach everyone and create a safe and respectful setting? What to do if the dialogue does not seem to get going? Those are typical questions that can arise and we can answer them together with you.

Dialogue observation

We can also observe you during a dialogue to give feedback and advise on how to improve your skills as a communicator. Such guidance starts with a personal in take conversation, agreement on tactics and possible recording, and the feedback moment. We not only listen to what you and your dialogue partner say, but also your non-verbal communication. How you sit, move and look is a much bigger part of your message then you might think.

Group dialogue sessions

In some cases, leadership dialogues can also be hold in group settings. We facilitate dialogue group sessions for you and ensure you get results that bring you and your team forward. Our guides are skilled facilitators with years of experience in working with professional teams. We achieve results together!

Group facilitation is always tailor made because every setting is different and we strive to deliver optimal results for your specific situation. We can combine the dialogue session with inspirational speakers, outdoor exercises or management games if such appears beneficial to your situation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel like individual guidance is needed.