Out of the conversations we facilitate we receive user feedback to improve on the functionality of the guide and praise for what it has done for them. Below are a few quotes from people that made good use of the leadership dialogue guide:

We had a good conversation. Thanks for having had that opportunity.    (Hans, owner of a training bureau)

This was an interesting exercise. Thank you.   (Harold, COO at a financial institution)

I would never have asked those questions, but it worked very well for me.    (Richard, operational manager food service company)

We also receive feedback on individual coaching:

I got to know Tobias as a sharp observer and competent (team) coach. He quickly pointed out the reasons why our management team wasn’t functioning optimally. With a succesful and surprising team day out in the woods and subsequent individual coaching, he brought us closer together as a team. We stand much stronger now. I can recommend Tobias to all that want to invest in their team performance.(Arjan, CCO of a legal insurance company)

The most important aspect of coaching to me is the trust and space to speak out freely. That was there right from the start with not a moment of awkward feelings after that. His feedback was given nicely, was relevant and I actually made it part of myself. The atmosphere of peacefulness and equivalency triggered more insights about my own behaviour, although I believe to have a high level of self-reflection as it is. Thank you for your help.   (Addy, department head at a legal insurance company)